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Innovative. Skilled. Passionate.

We unite and support all stakeholders to implement the ideal permanent solution for an animal in need.

SEAS facilitates the co-operation between commercial captive facilities, rescue organisations, the public, corporate partners and rehabilitation facilities prioritising the best welfare outcome for the animal. In our outreach, we promote environmental stewardship and solutions through involving local communities and the general public.

~ Our voyage ~

To support

Provision of needs assessments, marketing, outreach and fundraising support.

To facilitate

Creation of activities which unite all participants in transformative dialogue towards unification.

To communicate

Creation of outreach initiatives to local and global communities and the general public.

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~ SEAS IS GROWING The passionate team behind SEAS ~

Two of our co-founders

Patricia Sullivan and Wendy Van Gool, 2017 World Cetacean Alliance World Whale Conference in Durban, South Africa.

Welcome Our New Team Members

Carolyn Stromer
ANIMAL BEHAVIOR SPECIALIST with knowledge across taxa

Carolyn has over 15 years of experience in animal behavior, training and collection management in zoo and aquarium facilities.  Working with a wide range of species that include Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, grey and harbor seals and African elephants she has a strong understanding of the complexities of animal care.  She has run a successful dog training business and has been a consultant for others wishing to start their own domestic animal behavior programs as well as collaborating with other marine mammal facilities on educational programs to showcase animal behavior for the public. 

Carolyn joined the team at SEAS in March of 2019 to help create a promotional video for the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary, a project about which she is very passionate, and is currently building a team to research eco-friendly, wastewater management systems for the marine mammal stranding facility that will be a crucial part of the sanctuary.  Her personal mission is to bring people from all backgrounds of experience together in collaboration to help create something truly special for the future of marine mammals.

Thom Stromer

Thom Stromer’s video career began in 1992 at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. After joining the video department, he filmed (topside and underwater), directed, and produced educational and exhibition videos. He regularly worked closely with the Marine Animal Rescue Program (MARP) filming husbandry procedures, enrichment sessions, and more, in order to promote MARP’s conservation efforts. He also volunteered with MARP in his free time, to get hands on experience caring for stranded turtles, seals, and whales.

 Thom left the Aquarium in 2005 in order to pursue independent filmmaking. Clients have included: Nat Geo, International Rescue Committee, Public Justice Center, World Bank, RLTV, Laureate Education, Altruistic Odyssey, among many more. Thom handles controversial topics with a compassionate eye and diligently works to connect the viewer’s intellectual curiosity with their heart center in order to inspire new ways of thinking and being in this world.

In 2010, he produced and edited the feature documentary “Healing Neen”. This film went on to win several awards at film festivals around the states and has been screened internationally.

Thom is currently wrapping up a feature documentary called “Walking Thru Bullets” which will be released in the fall of 2020. This film follows four participants in a Philadelphia violence intervention program. The film unfolds as the young men navigate healing from traumatic injuries and a lifetime of obstacles.

Thom Joined SEAS in March of 2019 with the intention of using creative visual stories to inspire change and establish the world’s first dolphin sanctuary. The Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary’s innovative approach will inspire generations to come and we need to document this movement now, as it is happening.

“SEAS has been one of the first organisations who believed in the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary and supported its creation since the very early stages. The expertise and values that the team at SEAS bring, provides invaluable support that helps us continue our mission to create the first sanctuary for former captive dolphins and injured marine wildlife.”

– Anastasia Miliou, Scientific Director, Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation

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~ Our SEAScape – the 7 Cs ~

1. Commitment

We nurture all relationships seeking solutions prioritised on animal welfare rather than emotion.

2. Collaboration

Through teamwork and uniting all stakeholders, we work together across boundaries to explore new possibilities for animals in need.

3. Creativity

We move beyond existing assumptions, judgements and mindsets, including our own biases, to tailor solutions.

4. Compassion

We care for all human stakeholders, recognising their worth as the primary caregivers, with animal welfare at the core.

5. Courtesy

All stakeholders are treated with dignity and tolerance. We respect all individuals, validate their views, culture, language and economies, and value their contributions.

6. Customer excellence

Our 50+ combined years of experience providing excellence in customer service makes us stand out uniquely in this field to find the best and innovative solutions for humans and animals.

7. Clear communication

We embrace and practice transformative dialogue strategies with the highest standards of integrity, transparency and respect in all mediums of communication to nurture open and fruitful relationships.